BFSNZ's emulsions: One of 7 Technologies to Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Ships

Marine Insight has included BFSNZ's emulsion technology as one of their 7 Technologies to Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Ships.  They say:

"Reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions are two of the main concerns of the shipping industry today. A lot has already been done in terms of research and development to make the ultimate green ship. From renewable/ alternate sources of energy to design modifications, the industry has constantly improved its technology for an enhanced form of sustainable shipping.


"Fuel Oil Emulsion (FOE) technology by Blended Fuel Solutions burns more completely than unmodified fuel and so uses less fuel, emissions are lower and the engines run cooler and so should require less maintenance. This would reduce the use of fuel and the level of emissions as well as give a significant financial saving.

"A trial conducted of the technology showed reduced fuel consumption and emissions."